Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Road to Civil War

The emperor has no clothes. It declare it official.

Rolling Stone magazine the  mouthpiece for commie douchebags has declared that it is time to repeal the second amendment in the US bill of rights.

So let's take that all the way. Let's take the intellectual exercise down that path shall we?

First thing, will be that massive civil disobedience will take place.  Gun owners will simply not comply.

Second of all, now that all firearms are supposedly 'illegal' then hey what the hell, let's make Stens and convert our stuff to full auto.  Since frankly the only real thing holding back a lot of people from converting to full auto is not the law, rather that you can't sell a full auto easily without getting ratted out.

Third, is that lots of politicians will be taken out.  The state will have crossed the rubicon and well in for a penny, in for a pound.  

These ivory tower jerkoffs in Panem on the Potomac are playing with fire and they damn well know it, but they don't care.  Because they have looted, and stolen, and broke what used to be America.

The thin veneer of authority that DC has is evaporating fast.  

Hell overseas, I seldom even hear news from the US anymore in local broadcasts, unlike how it was a mere 12 years ago.  

The USA is fading.

PS, here are the Sten receiver blueprints

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