Sunday, June 26, 2016


This article brought to you by one of guys who developed the experimental see in the dark eye drops has some interesting insights that does beyond the current leftist stodgy marxist dirty hippie that currently infests the university system.

The original delineation of disciplines as an either/or dualism (for instance, Science vs Art), is quite frankly not really conducive to the fluidity required in today’s world. This should be clear to just about anyone paying attention.
Many of us no longer have the safety net of coming straight out of college into a lifetime job. Heck, most of us won’t even be able to pay for college. You know this, this is old hat for everyone now. What we are mostly missing at this point is a constructive reaction to this situation.

How true it is.

Creative economies are advancing at such a fast rate, that the university system is not even close to adequately preparing students for this new world.  

Frankly the old university system ideals where they included real classics learning did a much better job than today's skulls full of mush do.

I witness two college students I know.  One my son, who attends Aeronautical engineering college and the other a Thai student attending Electronics engineering college.

The Thai student has developed much of his knowledge outside the classroom, with the class work Is the base for his studies.  He has developed several advanced projects on his own and is gaining a wealth of experience to make him a valuable employable asset to a future employer or more than likely will go on to establish a successful company himself.

The Aeronautical Emgineering student, on the other hand is going strictly by the educational system book.  Doing only things ths they tell him to do.  Now in his third year, he is now just learning CAD design and his school will only require him to complete one project and do a couple months of on the job training. He will enter the work force without the necessary skills. (despite my efforts.  Lead a horse to water can't make them drink)

Yet on paper both will appear to be equally qualified, and it will only emerge,who is the better one after some time on the job.

This needs to change.

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