Saturday, June 25, 2016

3D printed CNC

Working on this little project here.  It is the mostly printed CNC machine project from thingiverse.

Basically it let's you use 25mm tubing, 3D printed parts, and some hardware store stuff to make a CNC machine.

People have demonstrated them machining aluminum, wood, with lasers, and as a 3D printer.

It may be a little low on the torque side however, but we shall see. I have a few 70oz stepper motors to put in it and try.

The creator of the design sells a kit of the printed parts and mechanical/electronics for $500. All u gotta add in is your own conduit pipe.

This also is my 501st post, and passed 150k views on the blog for a year and a half in operation.

Not too shabby considering only a couple blogs send traffic my way.


Malatrope said...

When you get this done, please post something about its accuracy (I'm not worried about how long it takes to make something). The use of EMT includes a fair amount of surface roughness, but it's averaged out by all the rollers and the use of two driven ends on each bridge. An interesting design, that might just perform a lot better than it would seem at first glance.

The videos he shows look like he's creating remarkably clean parts.

admin said...

There is a new version coming out that uses 1 inch tubing. I got the beta files a few hours ago.

It looks promising to be able to use mirror finish stainless tubing vs that rough conduit.

I have one set here in the shop that will be used with 25mm hydraulic shafting tubing that is very straight and smooth, (but not as much as linear guide rod)