Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Death of the Sign Making Industry, Long live the Sign Industry.

I have many interests in business.  

Not everything  I do revolves around 3D printing. I do have a interest in the signage business as well.

I have been around this industry off and of since 2009, in between my middle East time.

One thing, I failed to do, and should have done is back in 2011 when I was casting about for a way to feed myself was invest in a CO2 laser when I had the cash instead of a CNC plasma table.

Several years ago, I was making signs and a lot of lettering.  It was easy to get work and plentiful.  I could bill $25-50 bucks per letter in a sign, even in a third world country, I was easily able to get those rates.

However awhile back I saw something for sale at the local hardware store that made me stop in my tracks.

It was a very large LCD tv for about $500.  Now that seems maybe a lot of cash for a TV and entertainment item.  But for a sign... It's damn cheap.

I remember not long ago seeing these signs made from led bulbs that kind of looked like a TV from a distance. They were expensive too.

Now I can basically put a cheap LCD in a acrylic box, hang it from the wall outside and use photoshop or a cheap video editing program to make a video that goes on a thumb drive and runs on endless repeat.

Vegas style signs for $500.  

I can't send out to have a edge lit sign made for that price.

It's on my soon to so list for the office.  

Now you ask yourself, what if I don't have the ability or funds for a box?  Or I live in a area where extreme cold or heat might damage one of these TV?

No problem really, just stick it in your front window.


lordjim said...

Been doing signage like this since 2009 at the library where I work. If the TV doesn't have the ability to loop files on a USB drive, a cheap DVD player with a looping DVD works great too.

admin said...

It's the price breakpoint that has got me now. The tv i saw was easily 65 inches from some no name Chinese company.

cheaper to put up a TV than to cut, bend and powder coat metal, or god forbid go neon.