Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tactical Butter Knife

For when ya gotta get belt buckle close in combat... Oh wait that's a Mac Bolan phrase that Sammy uses..

Actually, this here is the culmination of a bunch of research and experimentation.

This is laser marking of stainless steel with a low power laser.

Of you want to mark stainless, basically you can physically machine it, stamp it, fiber laser it, or use something like Cermark or Moly lube spray and a low powered laser.

Cermark however is expensive.  $80 plus international shipping and hazmat fees.  Dry Moly lube is nearly the same locally as the only stuff I can find is the super premium brands.

I had read something about using plaster of Paris, which I also attempted but the results were splotchy, and uneven.

So back to the drawing board.

This is the result of my experimentation.  

It applies with a spray bottle, dried with a hair dryer, and is then lasered 2 passes at 20mm/second at around 30 watts of power.  Not breaking any speed records, but then again photo etching is fast but takes forever to set up.

The finish comes out engraved and slightly rough.  Similar to what a laser does to glass but this is black.

No smell while working.  I would use the exhaust fan to keep the work piece cool, but otherwise it can be used even in places without exhaust outlets like mall kiosks.

I would not reccomend using it on very thin stainless. Say under .3mm.  However the cheap knives I did worked fine.

Flammable until it dries, slightly irritating to the skin. So don't leave it on your hands all day.  

After laser, just wash off under running water.

Still experimenting and testing for shelf life and looking for distributor who is willing to handle the hazmat BS for importation to the US and EU.

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