Thursday, May 5, 2016

How we pissed away money in Iraq.

For awhile in Iraq I was running a fuel route.  Filling up generators with jp8. 

Nothing glamorous, but we did have a couple guys in the shop killed due to stupidity in management, but that's not what this post is about.

Specifically it is about the garbage dump at Speicher.

And specifically about the guard shack there.

Ya see, the Army decided to station a couple troops to guard the dump.  Inside the wire...

Yea, I know right?

Send 2 soldiers half way around the world to guard a garbage dump.  

However that was a bargain compared to the guard shack that housed them.

Ya see that guard shack had air conditioning and a generator.

A good size around 20kva get set with a Perkins diesel.

That thing ran day and night.

And it consumed in excess of 100 gallons of fuel every day. No matter the weather.  Mind you it was only powering a small 1 or two horse air conditioner, and a couple lights.

So now do the math.

Assuming that the fuel was $8 per gallon (gross under estimate) that one guard shack consumed $800 per day in fuel and in one year consumed $292,000 in fuel to guard the trash dump.  Add in the costs of distribution on base, the fuel farm, the truck, my salary, my helpers salary, the transport from Turkey, administrative costs, soldiers salaries, and their training and transport costs...  

That one guard shack could have easily cost $500,000 per year to man.

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