Thursday, April 14, 2016

USGOV Mouthpieces Bemoan the Loss of Monopoly of Power

The article penned by retired USGOV person, bemoans the fact that the 3D printing, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence gives (*gasp) smaller nations military might to stand up to USGOV hegemony, or for that matter Chinese, Indian, Russian, and other nations hegemony as well.

There is all sorts of wrong about the propaganda piece, and I suspect that the author has no real clue about anything other than access to a keyboard and some content farmers looking for articles.

He shows a box of ammo next to a first gen pistol that is good for maybe 1 to 10 rounds. Like that pistol will even fire the entire box there, but hey who cares bout facts when a cool pic can make your point.

Just remember USGOV now shares what the Soviets had. No moral authority and a blind mad thirst for power in all parts of the world.  No backwater is too small to not be 'strategic' whatever the hell that word has become defined now days. 

As an example; Exactly what the hell does the US Navy have any business wandering around in Lake Asal, Djibouti and putting in water wells for illiterate goat herders?

 I would even go so far as to state that the USGOV in 2016 is populated by the same ideology as the Soviets.

Zero legit moral authority.  

It is just a mafia with guns. 

The biggest mafias call themselves governments.

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