Sunday, April 24, 2016


FOSSCAD MEGA PACK v4.8 (Ishikawa) Album


This album shows off some of the wonderful parts in the newest FOSSCAD Megapack 4.8 (Ishikawa). This pack is a collection of the newest FOSSCAD CAD files including all previous Megapacks. This pack hence replaces all previous Megapacks. These files are not being released by Defense Distributed or DEFCAD Incorporated. In this Megapack (4.8), changes include some reorganization of file and folder names. See the changelog for other significant additions. The FOSSCAD community is releasing the NEWEST pack sharing the datalove.
Megapack 4.8 Torrent:

Megapack 4.8 Torrent (ZIPPED):
Megapack 4.8 Direct Download (PLEASE use torrent instead) 

Megapack 4.8 FOSSCAD Exchange Megapack Post:

Megapack 4.8 Photo Album

Someone commented some mumbo jumbo about legalese and sharing these cad files.

First of all: free speech and I do not need to seek any fucking permission.  Any entity that claims otherwise especially the Un-elected fuckers at State can eat a dick.

Long live the counter-revolution 

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