Saturday, March 12, 2016

Why I am no longer a supporter of Open Source Ecology Project

Several years ago, I learned about Open Source Ecology project via a Wired magazine article. 

I read the manifesto of Marcin, its founder and pretty much agreed with it.  To this day I agree with most of it.

However it has become a project that is "good idea, piss poor execution". 

I guess the seeds of my disillusionment was planted along the time where I realized that Marcin was not participating in the discussions in the forum on his site.  He had a full roster of qualified volunteers willing to give money, and do actual work.  However he pretty much squandered that goodwill.

Some of the projects listed after living in the turd world, have zero chance of wide adoption as the designs require parts from McMaster Carr and quite frankly required too much cash up front to be useful.  There was no sense of bootstrapping in the way that Gingery outlined in his books.  Never mind that the whole goal of the thing was bootstrapping.

Along the way, the REPRAP and maker project came into being.  Marcin and his project was fully equipped to ride the wave to achieving the project goals and to fame and fortune so to speak.

However it was not to be.

Lately I have been getting youtube emails saying that there are new OSE (Open Source Ecology) videos.  Yet when I check, he is building stuff that is not even new and fresh, just tired old stuff that everyone else has done and was new in 2013 not 2016.   

Along the way Marcin received funding from some large foundations, stopped soliciting funds from the little people and stopped really doing anything of relevance.  The stated goals and timeline I saw in 2011 are way past due without completion.  The documentation for the projects is woefully inadequate.  Seriously if a college student turned in the documentation for the majority of the projects as a assignment, they would get low to failing scores.

I just do not understand how a brilliant guy can submit such lousy reports to those who funded his work.

Anyways here is a link to the original project goal

Good stuff..

Poor implementation.  The leadership is just not there.

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Tucanae Services said...

My other observation about OSE is no attempt to leverage of others work. They have as a goal an OSE welder. Funny thing is there is a fella on the Internet that has designed and sells boards to build a microprocessor controlled MIG/TIG machine. Why reinvent the wheel?