Sunday, March 6, 2016

Reprap Mechanical Kits

I got REPRAP 3D printer mechanical kits for sale at the crazy price of $140 plus shipping

Build area is 130x130x130mm  

Right now the cheapest mechanics

Parts kit on EBay is from China, made from threaded rod, has no stepper motors and costs $150.

Mine includes stepper motors which if you buy separately is about $40 in itself.  Includes all hardware.

Use the contact form to PM me for the PayPal address if you want one


Anonymous said...

This looks tremendous. Do you have a tutorial re getting these operational? Is it an equivalent to other REPRAP kits? What other components, etc do we need to procure?

admin said...

So far this is the fastest kit to get running I have seen or designed.

It was based on the Ord-Bot machine blueprints on thingiverse.

I basically opened the file looked at it, then re-drew the entire thing in CAD because the online file was not very good.

I changed the design to use normal Bosch-Rexroth extrusion instead of V groove rollers and profile. This also necessitated other design changes like the motor mounts, bearing mounts, and homing switch locations being changed.

I built 5 of these machines out in 4 hours the other day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Do I assume correctly that it'd be up to us to provide the following (anything missing?):

1. electronics
2. extrusion head
3. heated build surface

Do you have recommended components to fill in the above shopping list? Or would we just crib from RepRap or the Ord-Bot wiki, such as:

Thanks! My son is eight and this strikes me as the perfect project for me and him to work on together to introduce him to engineering, design and fabrication.

admin said...

The Reston the parts can be got on a,axon for less than $100. Power supply I pay $12 for atx models. $40 for a reprap e
Extends kit and another $40 bucks for a mk8.

Toss in some wore, and you are good. Heated bed, you can make your own or get a silicone bed. The 8 inch beds are too large as they are actually 8.25 inches and hit the sides.

It does PLA on unheard bed just fine though