Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3D printer heated beds.

Experimenting  with screen printing pcb boards this weekend to make heated beds for 3d printers.  

I have not made a pcb since high school, so this should be a adventure. 

Fortunately I got a employee who does screen printing on the side, so not too much of a challenge.

What surprised me the most is the costs of materials.  Quite cheap to do.  Currently I make a big giant bed heater but it is a pain in the ass to make and it is a bit heavy. I also occasionally buy them from china, but the costs of $20 each plus shipping and customs makes the prices expensive fast.

Always nice to be able to beat the Chinese at their own game.

Building a CNC mill this week, pics to follow.  I need to hire more people, but good help is hard to find.

The machine shop seed kit is still on track here, I find more and more refinements to do to it so make it better, cheaper and more reliable, along with reducing the china parts count.

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