Thursday, January 14, 2016

CNC Laser Has Arrived

I have been lusting for this little cheap laser cutter for months.  I duplicated it already based on pictures, but I want the real thing.

So by virtue of some hard work and horse trading I got one.  Amazingly it took a freaking week to arrive from China and that included customs...  (cue Fight Club Movie riff..   I am Jacks sense of amazement)

So Saturday ill finally get around to taking it out of the box, taking pics, and playing with it.  Got a few ideas for it.

Documentation for the machine shop seed has been scheduled for Saturday.  That means lots of photos, graphic design, layout etc.  I will post the assembly manual here once it is done so if y'all want one you can check out the manual first.  Or just download the plans and make one yourself. 

Hired a new guy who started Monday.  Amazingly I don't have to explain a ton of crap to him, just point him in the direction of the toolbox and set him at it.  He also gets my weird sense of humor (think 9gag with a Dennis Miller flavor)  He can even keep the books.  I offered him $2.50 a day more than his previous employer and free dental so he arrived on time 8am Monday.

Shop schedule is getting busy here.  19 printer kits to package, 2 milling machines, final wiring and testing of the CNC plasma table at its new home, 2 new printers for shop use, repair of someone elses printer, ordering parts, moving into a new office, business licensing, and all that.

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brentg said...

Awesome! Great job!