Saturday, November 14, 2015


Fresh Kurd Combat Pics

Via Kurdish Peshmerga FB page.  
(the non communist Kurds)

CNC Mini Mill, Laser or Printer Kits

I'm running a special until November 20, 2015.

CNC laser mechanical kits

1-5 units $125
6-25 units $105
26 units and above $90

Priced for bulk sale.  Includes frame, hardware, belt, pulleys and full documentation to install the electronics.

This unit can also be used as the basis for a low cost 3D printer.

Use the contact form to let me know.


Only thing changed in the photo was the eyes...

Biden was at a sex harassment prevention rally.  

Guess he got turned on by rape descriptions?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Saddams Last Ride

I was in Tikrit working in COB Speicher when Saddam was hanged.  

We was told to expect some rockets sent our way, so I had my vest and helmet in the truck.  

Me and my helper Kumar a Sri Lankan Catholic was out on the route filling up generators with jp8.  My last generator was the one at the front gate by the cross eyed Saddam statue.

I was looking forward to screwing off for an hour or so before my shift ended and eating chow.

I noticed a bunch of MP at the helipad there when a MP told me to stop right there, and wait to fill up the generator up after they were done.

A helicopter landed, and off came a plywood box made of shoddy construction, typical of Arab coffins.

I used to see the same thing on top of taxis in other parts of Iraq so I knew what it was.

It did not really strike me at the moment as to what I was seeing though. Not until the next day did I realize who was in that coffin after reading a news report bout it.

The coffin was loaded on top of a shitty beat up right hand drive surplus Korean van.  There was 2 Iraqis in dirty man dresses.  One old one and one younger one.  

They tied the coffin down to the top of the van, and out the front gate they went with MP in the front and back.

That is how Saddam took his last ride.  On the top of a shitbox van in a plywood box.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Interesting Site Statistics

Over the last couple weeks, my top site referrer has become Google.  Previously Silicon Graybeard, and Busted Knuckles were the top referrers, and then Knuckle Dragging, with of course WSRA sending me tons of traffic whenever they picked up a post.

I do find it interesting though that it has been a whole year of blogging before Google started to send me traffic.

I had read before that Google would not even list a site without it being active for a month.   Maybe it is now a year?


Sunday, November 8, 2015

CNC Plasma Project Update 2

Saturday, turned into yet another game of "planes trains and automobiles" (named after that comedy movie)

I didn't get anything made on the lathe as I had to buy stuff and the operator was having a hard time getting the boring bar to make the right size of roller.

Basically the part has to have a 17mm hole inside it and the bearing has to press inside tight without needing glue.

This is a boring bar used to make holes.  

They tried a 17mm drill bit on it but their bit left the hole too loose and the brand new bit I bought did the same.

So my solution in the interest of speeding up things was to grind down the drill bit.

This is not a operation done entirely by hand.  Rather the bit is out into a holder with a crank that turns it.  This is attached to the bed of a surface grinder and the machine is manipulated to grind the item.

This same method is how very tough metal pins are made.  Metals that either can not be cut with cutters, or are too delicate, can be ground in this manner.

I used a tapered bit like the one above because the chuck is too small and this type of bit fits into the tail stock without a chuck.  

Sunday, I spent the day working on the CNC plasma cutter electronics.

I must be getting good, cause I had it working first try.

This one the board on.ine is $70, local 24v power supply is $35, motor driver $20 and motor is $70