Thursday, October 22, 2015

Philippines Politics is Cartoon Version of USA

Sometimes you can learn more from American politics by observing Filipino politics, than you can by reading US papers.

The corruption is more petty, and blatant in the Philippines vs the USA.

Americans pretend it does not exist and when a local politician steals a couple million on a rigged bid, or someone in DC diverts 500 million dollars (supposedly for fighting Assad) into their own pockets. Not one major or even minor newspaper will write on it.

However I had to find this article laughable from a Filipino site.

The following facts are gleaned from the article:

1 Filipino Senator wrote a book with the title: "Stupid is Forever More"

2 Give me power cause while I am senator I can't do anything but if you make me president I surely can.

3 She is fighting cancer which makes her unsuitable for continued office because she could die in office.

Another thing I observed is the manufactured outrage Filipinos express over someone supposedly spending what amounts to a couple grand on something, yet no outrage when the big thefts occur like the wholesale donation to the Islamic terrorists in Mindinao of hundreds of millions of dollars.  To people who have never earned that amount even if you add up their entire output for that region for decades.

The Filipino gov does not have that kind of money so... Graciously the World Bank will "loan" them the money.  Never mind that the world bank funds all sorts of commie community activists to rabble rouse in Mindinao.  

Yet the world bank does not issue bonds, nor accept deposits... Where do they get the money?  

Americans on the other hand, pretend it does not exist in the US.  It reminds me what a friend told me what happened at a Los Angeles property zoning office a  few years ago.

He told me he went there to see about changing the zoning regulation to allow inkjet printers, not just lithograph printers on the premises.  (yes they regulate daily life there that minutely)  

He was told he could pay a bribe of 20,000 dollars and it would be changed the next day, or he could go thru the process which would take 2 years and professional protestors will attend planning meetings to prevent him of which he would instead have to buy off the extortionist/activists.

So of course my friend told them to F--k off and didn't open the business.  

He also told me that you can buy your way out of drunk driving tickets in Los Angeles.

Oh but the USGOV LOVES to lecture other countries on corruption... 

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