Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Daemon Book is Closer to Reality

Saw this this morning.  

You really need to read Freedom TM, and The Daemon by Daniel Suarez.

It is what is coming.


Pig Man

Meanwhile in Kurdistan

Pictures from the front via their FB feed.

Help a bro out

Coming soon to America

This is not too far away from America's future.

Rise of the Machines and How I Learned to Love the 'Bot

A Practical Guide to Programmable Logic Controllers

The Pope's Misguided Defense of Islam

Christians are dying for their faith all over the world, while Pope Peron slams capitalism and lobbies for economy-stopping “climate change” restrictions. EPIC FAIL!

Read it all...

Pre Crime is Real

Pre-crime is real - STB's discussed this for years, so this is nothing new. You do need to understand what it means. This means that they know you, where you live, go, when, how, how often, what you do there, how long you stay,what you buy, eat, drink, watch, play - basically, you have been patterned and analyzed to your core. they know everything about you and use that to judge or classify you in their system. Democracy is great! 


Friday, September 25, 2015

Good Riddance to the Traitor

Sniveling little bitch:

Your fault this is happening:

You could have stopped it.

Damn you to hell.

Enemies Domestic

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Public Service Announcment: Pig Man Returns

My buddy Bosch Fawstin (Garland Mohammed Cartoon Contest Target) has a new comic book out.

Pig Man: Taking the fight to the Heathens.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Clash of Civilizations is Real

When I first read Dr Huntington’s work on the coming war with Islam in the mid-1990s, it reawakened my long repressed memories of the depravity of Islam I lived with daily working with Pakistanis in Peshawar, Pakistan 30 years before. Everything that is occurring today as Muslims are embarked on their “Third Jihad" (1st Jihad 632-750 A.D.; 2nd Jihad 1362-1918 A.D.; 3rd Jihad 1979- A.D.), from ISIS’s beheadings to jihad by immigration in Europe is in keeping with the nature of Islamic aggression that Dr Huntington prophesied.

Rise of the Machines

A link to this showed up in Drudge this morning.

The other day I was in a industrial automation firm that a friend owns.  He was showing off his newest toys in his shop located in the north side of Metro Manila.

He also was showing off not one new warehouse under construction but 2 that were going up.  Not bad for a guy who started out with nothing but an idea just 6 years ago.

He had on his desk a little controller he was experimenting with that cost a mere $13 and replaced a controller that cost $1000 only a few years ago.

The thing is, that these new machines, should they make the effort to learn; will enable even someone on a McDonalds wage to build their own factory.  

The owner of the shop also showed me a robotic arm he was developing that he asked me to make some parts for.  It will cost a few thousand dollars and have capability of a machine that cost 30,000 dollars just a few years ago.

The future is here.  Take charge of your destiny.  The education is free.

Re: Armor Update 2

AR500 is all the rage on the interwebs...  

However, have you thought about using plastic?

Looking at prices of common available plastic sheets, it is close to AR500 and damn sight easier to use.  

Really really simple.  You can design it in CAD, go to your local banner shop and have them print the blueprints full size on vinyl sticker material(or paper and use some spray adhesive)

Use your handy sawzall, jigsaw or even plunge router to cut out on the lines.

One inch of butcher block is level 3 and some is 3A.  

Think bout it.

If your budget is higher think Ultem...

Update:  read this

The cheap butcher blocks from ikea are the soft stuff.  Commercial grade sheets are more than likely the 500 grade.

When you buy it ask for the 1000 grade.

The article explains it better than I can.

I do not profess to be an expert at this.  I am on the journey of discovery and bringing you guys along for the ride.

Tomorrow the steel and plastic is finished at water jet. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I have a sales demo tomorrow of 3D printers and training session.  So I will not be able to pick the samples up until Monday.

We have video and testing being set up, I hope the client will let me share it with you all here and see what people in other countries are doing.

Also I have a friend who does tactical training in Asia, working on getting some action video from that.  He was featured on Discovery Channel maybe a year and half ago.

In addition coming up are guest posts by a world traveling adventurer (and fellow AZ desert rat) with previews of his scout survival training jungle edition.

He is adapting Apache Indian tactics to Jungle terrain.  Previously he spent the last 6 months hanging out in the desert with the Apaches, and now is in the jungle along with several other adventurers preparing to film a new YouTube video series on warfare and survival.  Good stuff.

He also has some good desert bushcraft and scouting books out, of which I will publish some excerpts as soon as he gets out of the jungle and back in cell phone range to finalize the details.

Monday, September 21, 2015


I don't post a lot about the unusual and odd things people commission me to make here on the blog.

However my new project started this week seems to be very interesting.

It involves making light weight armor plates and testing some rather unusual  yet common materials.

Next week will involve a trip to the range.

It started when I was making these really tough knives.  I have a source of steel plate that is somewhere in the AR600 grade.  It is made in Austria and comes in pre tempered.  Perfect stuff to make a blade if one does not want to risk messing up a job from some idiot messing up a heat treatment on tool steel.

We grind the knives with a jig on a surface grinder at a tool and die shop using diamond wheels and lots of water for cooling.  End result is a crazy tough blade. 

The batch of steel I use for these is so tough that machinists break carbide bits on it.  I personally have broke several carbide bits on it trying to drill holes in the handles. 

I cut it with a CNC plasma torch.  Now before you tell me that I will ruin the temper of the steel using this method, hold your horses.  There is a way to cut it and NOT lose the temper.  It involves cutting the steel under water.  It does not have to be deep under water either, a couple mm of water on top and the tank underneath being a few inches is sufficient.

The water catches the sparks and the steel is literally cool to the touch with the ability to immediately grab the steel out of the table after the cutting is done.

The slag on the back of it is a bear to remove, however a dunk in diluted muriatic acid for a few hours cleans up the mill scale and slag perfectly.  After that it is a clean water rinse and sending to the tool and die shop. 

After grinding it is to either powder coating, or ceramic coating.  I can also get teflon coating but have not had anyone requesting that yet.  Then cloth or paper micarta handles are fabricated, a final sharpening, kydex sheath and its ready to go. 

Anyways back to the armor project.  I wish I could publish photos of some of this stuff, but if I do, ill prob be out of a job.  However I can report back with some of the results. 

I am testing to level 3 and level 3a with this project along with spalling resistance.

We have a variety of materials to test.  Most are common industrial materials, however some have not really been re-purposed to be used for armor. 

Stay tuned....