Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cheap CNC Router v3

The CNC router is nearly ready to offer as a kit. 

This router has been designed to use the minimum of imported Chinese parts.  Most of the parts with the exception of the electronic board and motors can be purchased at your local hardware store and the frame kit is made in Ohio.

This initial machine is not a super high precision machine.  Rather it is designed with the following goals:

  • Extremely low cost. It is designed to be made for a cost of less than $500USD  total.
  • It does  not rely on Chinese made linear guides or bearings.  
  • A simple machine that one with a modicum of electronics skill can build and use to learn to operate a CNC machine at home.
  • It is not super precise, however it can be used to make a more precise machine.
  • It can be used to start a sign making or related business with a minimum of funds and will perform the job.
  • It is designed to be self replicating.  Meaning that you can buy this kit, build it, and use it to make more machines.  It is all open source.
  • The frame kit is made in the USA and shipped in the USA.
  • The machine can be used to make other tech items like drones and other tools.

Plumbing pipe Ƃ½" 21,3mm outside diameter:

42x 608ZZ bearings
12x 1Ƃ½" U-bolts (see picture)
2 metres of 8mm threaded rod
6x M8 long nuts (coupling nut for assembling two rods)
32x M6x50mm bolts
32x M6 (10mm diameter, 20mm in length) furniture assembly nuts (see picture)
24x M8X16mm bolts
24x M8 Nuts
Aluminium angle 20x20mm 1.5mm thickness
Around 2m M5 threaded rod for mounting the steppers and the dremel
52x M5 nuts
16x M5 spacers
Rubber fuelhose with inner diameter of 5-6mm for holding the dremel and for steppercouplings. 

Gorilla Glue

CNC cut Frame made from 5/8 inch MDF

3 Nema 23 steppers
Any stepper driverboard ( i can recommend those from http://cnc4you.co.uk/ or gecko G540)
Power supply according to the driverboard and stepper specifications
And of course, a Dremel

We will offer the frame only.  In the photo these are the parts in GREEN

The parts in Yellow on the list can be bought at your local hardware and or auto supply store.

Yes we use metric sizes in these parts, however you can substitute English measurement sizes for the bolts by using the simple formula  25.4mm = one inch and choosing the closest.

Threaded rod, I strongly reccomend using stainless steel 6mm or M6 with a steel nut for the lead screw.  This is because M6 threaded rod (1mm pitch) moves one mm per turn.  It gives you a high mechanical advantage.

Updates to follow where to order the frame and prices. 

Update 1

We have calculated the weight to be 45 pounds for the frame using 3/4 inch MDF.  Shipping from Ohio to the West Coast is $65 via FedEx ground 4 days transit. It will be shipped as a plastic shrink wrapped package of parts.  

Working area is aprox 16x24 inches.