Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gas Powered Cannon

The Youtube Channel Back Yard Scientist has come up with a interesting invention that points the direction to the practicality of building a feasible gas powered projectile weapon that does not rely on factory ammunition.

First lets start with this video:

Seeing this video and seeing these rough plans posted below reminded me of something else.

This combustion cycle of a pulse jet.

From Wikipedia:

Do you notice the similarities?

Now combine this with another discovery I came across related to combustion chambers via Mythbusters TV show:

The key is and you dont see the results at the end of this video, but the debris actually increases the power of the deflagration several fold.

 So, if you combine the valveless pulse-jet that works because the exhaust is larger and offers less restriction than the smaller sized intake for exit, and the debris inside the combustion chamber, and using a similar method as the backyard scientist did with a very long intake and small diameter hose/tube, one could create a high powered weapon.

Now for the ammo:

I found this video years ago, and for the life of me I could not figure out exactly how he did it.

The video shows a young guy in Scandinavia basically shooting gasoline filled aluminum cans at distances of a few hundred yards/meters with then they exploded in large balls of flame.

Finally I found buried deep online using the Google-Fu.

The soda cans have steel wool attached to the bottom.  Steel wool is flammable. 

Add in some sugar to the mixture and you got something interesting.

The designs depicted in the videos are quite crude, however the initial results point towards the possibilities of something much more advanced.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

LookingGlass is a platform for privacy LookingGlass is free it is Open Source

High level overview

LookingGlass attempts to automate the heavy lifting of forward secrecy, end-to-end authentication, online pseudonymity, with a distributed architecture.
  • Forward secrecy means that email is now burn-on-decrypt, and no password is ever reused between messages. No single message compromise can lead to any other. (Learn more)
  • Authenticated means that you can be assured that you are talking to who you think you are talking to, and that there is no one sitting in the middle of your communications. (Learn more)
  • Pseudonymity means that your identity is protected. If you are careful to not link your LookingGlass covername (explained later) to your real world identity, there should be no trace who wrote or read your LookingGlass emails. (Learn more)
  • Distributed (peer-to-peer) means that your email only ever exists in one of two places - on your LookingGlass server, or on the recipient's server. There is no third party that stores email, encryption states, or routes messages. (Learn more)

Something just isn’t right

Something just isn’t right . . . Obama and Kerry told the American people that the Iranians had their nuclear fuel stockpile reduced as a result of their negotiations, BUT international inspectors have just reported that the Iranian stockpile has actually increased by 20% during the negotiations . . . ????? Who could be lying here?

Obama Officials Claim Iran’s Nuclear Program Frozen or Rolled Back During Negotiations


Monday, June 1, 2015

Sherman's 300,000 and the Caliphates 3 million

Commentary by Col Tom Snodgrass:

Link to original article afterwards.

This analysis following by David Goldman was written last year, but it was just recently brought to my attention (thanks Larry) — I pass it on because I think it is an excellent analysis of the cause of the chaos gripping Islamostan, and how the chaos will probably end. Fasten your seatbelt for a long war. 

Our “mission” should be to secure our borders and our nation and to guard against jihadi attacks launched from Jihadistan. On one point I agree with Obama — there should be no U.S. military in ground combat formations introduced into Jihadistan — SOF advisors, tactical air controllers, air assets, and logisticians excepted.

The Sunni Salafist Wahhabis and Shia Khomeinist Twelvers are currently locked in an existential bloodletting for the umma leadership of the Islamic forces of jihad. It does not appear that this intra-Islamic sectarian civil war is going to end any time soon. Sunnis and Shiites are determined to kill each other, and it is in our best interest to help them without becoming deeply invested in either side. Regardless whoever wins, we will still be their ultimate enemy. 

At present we are aligned on one side with the different variations of Sunnis consorting in varying degrees with Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and the Muslim Brotherhood — enemies all. We should not be blinded to that fact by taqiyya from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, et. al. While we should continue to deal with the Sunnis that are actively killing other Muslims, we must never forget that the core purpose of Sunni Islam is to install the Sharia everywhere in order to facilitate the introduction of Islam as the dominant religion and culture.  

On the other side we are also aligned with Shia Iraqis controlled by the Iranian Shia Khomeinist Twelvers, for all intents and purposes. But similarly we should continue to deal with the Iraqi Shiites because they are embarked on the useful task of killing Muslims, while not getting dragged back into a deep commitment to the Iraqi Shia government. Furthermore, we must never forget that the core purpose of Shia Islam is to install the Sharia everywhere in order to facilitate the introduction of Islam as the dominant religion and culture.

I realize that I can be accused of extreme cynicism for advocating the policy above, but Islam = taqiyya = extreme cynicism in its own right. Cynicism is the only basis for war policy to repel a totalitarian political-theocratic enemy that masquerades as a benevolent Abrahamic religion related to Judaism and Christianity. It is not, it is pure politico-religious imperialism cloaked in deceptive cynicism.     

The one addition I would make to Goldman’s below analysis is: The reason why Islamic societies' economic systems cannot accommodate and productively employ the surplus of young Muslim men is because Islamic culture is tribal and based on cronyism — factors that will always prevent the expansion of the “economic pie.” Muslims traditionally fight over bigger slices of the same size pie. Furthermore, Islam at it core is anti-science, anti-change. In the extreme: “If it’s not in the Quran, it’s heresy.” All attempts to “modernize” and promote “openness” in the Islamic culture have historically failed. Such attempts were made throughout the 20th century, and they consistently eventually failed from Ataturk in Turkey to the Shah in Iran. Instead Islam has undergone a current day “reformation” guided by the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar! 

Unfortunately, such is reality.

Middle East
     Aug 12, '14
Sherman's 300,000 and the Caliphate's 3 million
By Spengler 

General William Tecumseh Sherman burned the city of Atlanta in 1864. He warned: "I fear the world will jump to the wrong conclusion that because I am in Atlanta the work is done. Far from it. We must kill three hundred thousand I have told you of so often, and the further they run the harder for us to get them." Add a zero to calibrate the problem in the Levant today. War in the Middle East is less a strategic than a demographic phenomenon, whose resolution will come with the exhaustion of the pool of potential fighters. 

The Middle East has plunged into a new Thirty Years War, allows 
Richard Haass, the president of the Council of Foreign Relations. "It is a region wracked by religious struggle between competing traditions of the faith. But the conflict is also between militants and moderates, fueled by neighboring rulers seeking to defend their interests and increase their influence. Conflicts take place within and between states; civil wars and proxy wars become impossible to distinguish. Governments often forfeit control to smaller groups - militias and the like - operating within and across borders. The loss of life is devastating, and millions are rendered homeless," he wrote on July 21. 

Read rest at link above

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