Thursday, March 12, 2015



Underdogs and Overlords

In its original draft, “Tanja's law” would have treated the killing of a police dog as an act of second-degree murder – the charge that would have been filed against Vickers if he had killed Dakota Corbitt and had done so as a common citizen, rather than a state-licensed purveyor of violence.
If enacted in its original form, “Tanja's Law” would have been the first statute in U.S. history – perhaps in the history of the Western World – to recognize the deliberate destruction of a non-human creature as “murder.”

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Agitprop 2

This is a WW2 propaganda poster.

It has been adapted to our use via the magic of Photoshop.

This type of flier, if we distribute it online will not have the same effect as a paper flier.

Fliers are cheap.  Extremely Cheap.

For example a box of 1000 full color business cards wholesale are only $10-12.

If you go up in size to postcard size they are not much more money.

So why flier places? 

We have 2 goals. 

One is to demoralize the other side.

Imagine council member Kravitz emerging from Whole Foods to find her car and every car in the lot plastered with WW2 style propaganda posters saying she is incarnate evil. 

Pretty demoralizing for a narcissist politician wouldn't you think?

Imagine a bigger politician targeted in a similar manner.

You find the guys entire network.  This is actually quite easy using online tools like Facebook, and online background check services.

You hire a flier service for a couple hundred bucks.  You blanket the guys neighborhood, his staffers neighborhood, and you mail copies to everyone in his network. His brothers, sisters, parents and children get a copy.

Do not make direct threats.  Under the current rules of engagement (ROE) this will give them the excuse to capture you.  Even still you will need to be discreet with this project.  We anticipate the ROE to change and we do not want to be captured. 

Rather you should paint them as a monster, or go the other way and exaggerate their beliefs.  Portray them promoting themselves with Nazi type propaganda posters.  If they have made nasty comments in the past, use those quotes.  True quotes will work better than fake. 

Here are more examples below:

Ad Hominem: A Latin phrase which has come to mean attacking your opponent
Appeal to authority: Appeals to authority cite prominent figures to support a position idea, argument, or course of action.
Appeal to fear: Appeals to fear seek to build support by instilling fear in the general population, for example, Joseph Goebbels exploited Theodore Kaufman's Germany Must Perish! to claim that the Allies sought the extermination of the German people.
Appeal to Prejudice: Using loaded or emotive terms to attach value or moral goodness to believing the proposition. "A reasonable person would agree that our income tax is too low."
Argumentum ad nauseam: Uses tireless repetition. An idea once repeated enough times, is taken as the truth. Works best when media sources are limited and controlled by the propagator.
Bandwagon: Bandwagon and inevitable-victory appeals attempt to persuade the target audience to take the course of action that "everyone else is taking."
●●Inevitable victory: invites those not already on the bandwagon to join those already on the road to certain victory. Those already or at least partially on the bandwagon are reassured that staying aboard is their best course of action.
●●Join the crowd: This technique reinforces people's natural desire to be on the winning side. This technique is used to convince the audience that a program is an expression of an irresistible mass movement and that it is in their best interest to join.
Black-and-White fallacy: Presenting only two choices, with the product or idea being propagated as the better choice. (Eg. You can have an unhealthy, unreliable engine, or you can use Brand X oil)
Common man: The "'plain folks'" or "common man" approach attempts to convince the audience that the propagandist's positions reflect the common sense of the people. It is designed to win the confidence of the audience by communicating in the common manner and style of the target audience. Propagandists use ordinary language and mannerisms (and clothe their message in face-to-face and audiovisual communications) in attempting to identify their point of view with that of the average person.
Demonizing the “enemy”: Projecting a person or idea as the "enemy" through suggestion or false accusations.

Why are we studying and doing this?

Because the other side does this to us every day and it works.

Other tips:

Beware the ROE will change.

What is legal this year will NOT be legal next year and they will attempt to capture you.

For example, If you mail these out by postcard, and decide to make this a regular practice you need to do the following:

Don't leave fingerprints or DNA, Do not lick the envelopes if you use envelopes.

If you use a mailbox deposit, deposit in area with no cameras, even ATM machines have cameras.  Night time and wear a Hoodie.  Use another town, however do not deposit in a pattern that if one drew a line between every mail box you use, they would find your true location. 

Do not take your cell phone with you.

Do not use Onstar or similar services.

If you get a traffic ticket or use a credit card, ATM card, gas station etc,  while mailing or passing these out, consider the operation blown.

Operate this way, even though you are legal.