Friday, January 16, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The State of 3D Printed Firearms Today

This is a HUGE page of links for  3D printed firearms.

So what is stopping YOU?

Pass this around.  Wake others up.

Chief by Schluancha.


The Phobos AR-15 super slick lower receiver by WarFairy 

PICS ..,
Version 1.0 CAD Files

The Vanguard AR-15 Receiver by shadowfall 


CAD Files

Vanguard JT by JT. 


Vanguard JT CAD files ...

The Aliamanu-Phobos_AR-15_Lower Receiver by ArmaDelite


CAD Files ...

The Imura Revolver by Warfairy and Frost6yte 


CAD (in development) ...

Other Projects 

P90 50rd Spring Plate by crysys

P90 50rd Spring Plate Pics 
P90 50rd Spring Plate CAD ...

Steyr Pistol Magazine Extension by crysys


Most of those^ have albums here 


Progress on the printer.

Had some breakthrough on the printer output.  

Got the first of the new printer frame back from laser and CNC bending today.  Carried it across town, on 2 trains.  It got heavier with every step.

Next one will be modified to use less steel without losing strength.  It's going to be too heavy to ship this way.  It's around 40 pounds of steel as is now.

I'm about 95%there to put it out there for sale.

I'll have to do it as a kit but a mostly assembled kit. All the electronics done, just connect wires to plugs, bolt it together and turn it on.

AC powered heated bed. 200 watts,
Water cooled print head,
Huge build area.  
Industrial temp controls which means polycarbonate printing.