Sunday, December 6, 2015

Latest CNC

Had event to go to yesterday, so today finished up this project.  Looks almost too pretty to use.

In this pic I still have to re-connect the stepper motors, and tidy the wiring which has now been done but the battery died so no pic.

Seems to work, well.


SiGraybeard said...

Looks good! I take it that's a trim router?

Lots (and lots!) of uses for a little machine like that. Even a sloppy CNC setup is better than the vast majority of woodworkers.

admin said...

I ran it yesterday. Within 0.2mm tolerances. pretty consistent file after file, so it is either the CAM settings or firmware settings.

I machined aluminum and acrylic with it yesterday. 4 flute HSS bit 1/8 inch at 30,000 RPM and really fast.

Chips came off the part properly even at that high speed for the plastic.

I would not be excited to run a lot of aluminum with it without a misting lube and dust collection. 0.1mm passes at 400mm/min speed. Need to dial speeds in better.

Anonymous said...

For quite some time, I was saying to myself, "this guy is giving us the goods, but I don't think that these machines would fulfill a need that I have."

And then something clicks...

And then another thing clicks...

In 2016 I am going to go for it. And I think your kit is the way to go. Learn some stuff, build some stuff, teach some kids... yeah.