Friday, December 11, 2015

Factory Seed Update

Got word yesterday that everything from China has arrived except the stepper motors.

Next week, in between assembling a CNC plasma table, and other tasks, I will get the local made parts done.    I got one set of hardware, one power supply, and one frame already in stock. 

Picked up the CNC plasma parts from water jet yesterday.  It was a sprint across the metro on various modes of transport.  

Saturday (today) I got to attend a Christmas party and of course consume large quantities of alcohol, most likely Johhny Walker.  I promised to bring my Mexican tamales to the party, it being a potluck and all.

I find it interesting that Filipinos go wild for authentic Mexican food but there is only ONE restaurant in a city of nearly 30 million that actually makes the real stuff.  Sadly they do not make tamales.

So whenever I got my Mexican food craving.  I gotta make it totally from scratch.  

When I want tamales, I have to buy whole corn from the feed store, clean it by hand, and then make hominy.

Hominy is corn treated with a base like lye or lime.  I do the wood ash lye method.

Then it is making the broth, masa, and shredded pork, assembling them and steaming.  In south Mexico they use banana leaves.  North Mexico and US they use corn husk.  Since I got a stand of banana trees in the neighborhood, I use the banana leaf.

Filipinos eat hot chile but not all so I made a separate chile sauce again from scratch by grinding dry chile flakes and cooking the powder down into a sauce thickened with a little corn starch.

Interesting to note the social conversations amongst Filipinos and political thought is rather libertarian vs the US and political Correctness is reserved for the disgusting commies who hide in the jungle and rob people or attend a couple Catholic college campus.

I joke that Filipinos are Asian rednecks because of the similarly in many cultural aspects including  Christian conservatism and libertarian thought not to mention a fondness for boiled peanuts and fried pork rinds.

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