Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Build Your Own House With This

One of the biggest costs people have in their lives is the cost of shelter. 

In the USA it has become in a situation that we have been brainwashed all our lives by the banksters and gov as to how we procure our housing.

The socially accepted scenario is that we go to a realtor and worry about getting a loan, and a 30-40 year mortgage that most will never live to pay off.  We will toil our lives to pay for a home that wil in essence with the bankers fees on top of every thing turn a 20,000 dollar order from a lumber yard into a 500,000 dollar transaction.  Every month the bankers taking their interest.

We have been brainwashed since at least my time in school in the 80's and early 90's that the trades and making stuff was for losers.  Shop rats and other assorted druggies, dropout wannabe, low IQ types take vocational courses.  Smart kids go to college like their teachers and become good little corporate drones in a cubicle farm that eventually gets outsourced to the Philippines.

Meanwhile in other countries people with no cash are coming up with other methods to build stuff.

It used to be that compressed earth blocks were the domain of hippie dippy types and other assorted non producing trash, at least in the USA.

However a funny thing along the way happened.  The Brazilians decided that clay fired bricks were too expensive to make even when the fuel to fire them was free with firewood.

So the CEB (compressed earth block) was adapted and processes refined to be used to create housing.

Basically a CEB machine can take the soil from the very ground the house will be built, combine it with some portland cement as a binder, compress it with a couple tons of pressure, and you got a building block.  Combine that with making the blocks interlocking like a childs lego set and you got a building method that even the lowest skilled barefoot construction worker in the third world will be able to create something that does not look slapdash thrown together like the rest of the turd world.

What got me interested in this was years ago I was involved in the Open Source Ecology Civilization development kit.  However with the brick making machine their solution was this big monstrosity of a machine that while nice, was totally un-affordable.

So me and another guy got together and researched into the thing and found what the Brazillians were doing.  We found the original source documents from the 60's online. 

Using solidworks CAD we drew new blueprints and released them as open source

Here they are:
To download file click the link below:OSRL CEB Press Drawings 1-1.pdf

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File upload date: 2015-12-08 08:17:46

To make the blocks I could re write a guide or I can send you to a Brazillian manufacturer of these machines to explain it better

Here are a few photos from the Brazillians.

Make it yourself.  Do not pay the tax, finance the banksters. 


SiGraybeard said...

Your link to "a few photos from the Brazillians" isn't right. It links to www.blogger.com, not an archive of pix.

Unknown said...

Very interesting blog. I wonder why I didnt come across it sooner. I'm curious to know if roofing tiles can be made from CEBs and if their structural integrity is feasible