Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Blinding Laser Weapons

Chinese Military Using Blinding Laser Weapons

China’s military has equipped its forces with blinding laser weapons in apparent violation of an international agreement signed by Beijing. “China has been updating its home-made blinding laser weapons in recent years to meet the needs of different combat operations,” the official military newspaper PLA Daily reported Dec. 9.


UnreasonablySane said...

You can salvage the laser diodes out of any DVD burner. They run slightly under 1/2 watt. Then a) you can overdrive them a bit with proper heat sinking, and b) you can bunch them together and co-align them to a spot at your most-probable tactical distance.

let it burn said...

add some software secret sauce and you can automagically deny all aircraft. blind pilots, whiteout uav screens. ~$1 trillion for f-35s, a few grand to make them obsolete. priceless!

boeing showed off a man luggable system to do just that. the dod is getting ripped off.