Friday, December 18, 2015

Another 3D Printer

The printer that has been gracing the shop for the last 6 weeks is going away tomorrow, so I decided I wanted to try out a new type of printer.

Basically the culmination of 2 years work and thinking about design here in this photo.

I 3d printed the prototype.  Final version will be acrylic and HDPE along with aluminum extrusion and 12mm linear guide rods.

Print area should be around 12x12x12 inches.

I am looking at putting a mk10 print head on this one.  I have my own design but, I have been using this current mk10 design, and I don't know wether it is a fluke, or it really is that good, but it has not had a single jam.

Update on the machine shop seed:

Just about every part has arrived from China.  Documentation, manual, photography, and all that to commence.  It is turning into a nicely polished sellable product.  

We even worked on the packaging of it to make it economical to ship.  Since it is a knockdown kit, we will vacuum pack it into a nice little package to fit in a air freight envelope.

In other news, went to my buddy's shop the other day and we was going to look at the new shop space.  He was getting a delivery of Japanese galvanized sheet steel in.  Bout 50,000 pounds worth.

He is building a grain elevator and this represented about 3/4 of the material needed.  

So the idiot truck driver shows up with the load of steel tied down with ROPE.  No corner protectors, and when he removes said rope, half the load of nice steel falls off the truck. As in sheets of 12ga sliding off the back like a deck of cards.  

So now he has a bunch of GI sheet he paid big cash for and waited a month to arrive from Japan, all scratched to shit, and the driver standing around looking like the retard he obviously is.  

As a side note, I got many years running flatbed hauling steel and I would have never ever done what that loser did.

Long story short, it is rescheduled to ext week the viewing of the new place.

I have had one typhoon come thru here early this week, and now today a second one is here.  Odd for December.  Not much wind here  just buckets of rain.  Trash man left the lid off the blue barrel on Tuesday and by Wednesday there was over a foot of water in it.

Today the rain has come back, and some friends are putting on a preppers bazar at a strip mall across town, so what the hell, might as well attend and network.   

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