Friday, December 25, 2015

3D Printer Parts that are 3D Printed

Machines making machines..

This is a filament extruder prototype.  Started drawing at 7am, had first prototype made by 9 and final design by noon.

All in house desktop manufacturing.

3D printing an entire set of of printer parts this weekend.

The beauty of these machines is that if you need more, you can make them pretty easily.

My current line of experimentation is leading me towards as much in house fabrication as possible.

The new linear printed guides will be used with this machine.  Frame for this one is Bosch extruded aluminum. 

Next iteration will use a different lower cost type of profile aluminum and since I am nearly out of linear guide rod from China, I will start sourcing locally guide rods from a hydraulic shop.

My printed guide run smoother and has less backlash than my commercial sourced linear guides. 

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