Monday, December 21, 2015

3D Printed Knife


Phil said...

Interesting design.

Now for the questions.

Molded around a Safety Razor Blade, one piece or two snapped together? Is the blade replaceable?
Do you have something to shield the blade or is that a customers choice? I believe you said these are neck knives worn on a thong or something.
You make these one at a time I take it?

How much, shipped to the lower 48 for one?

admin said...

It is designed around the regular stanley utility knife blade.

I would love to get some of those titanium coated utility knife blades, but its gonna be a pain in the rear.

Not for sale till next month when the store is running and a new payment system set up.

working on a couple new printers for shop use, and that big batch of 20 little machine shop seed printers plus a CNC plasma that keeps getting delayed due to a couple parts the lathe operator just cant seem to get right.

Sheath, I was planning on selling locally wholesale to a couple guys who make kydex sheaths as that is not really my line of work.

Tentative local price is $5

It is printed in 2 parts, then clamped together with clear epoxy with the blade in it.

Not really designed for replacement although you can re-sharpen the blades with some 1000 grit sandpaper easily enough.

It is printed with low infill so the it is just a mesh of plastic on the inside. Very light weight.