Friday, November 6, 2015

CNC Plasma Project

The other day the wife had a problem with her air compressor in her dental clinic, so I went to her clinic to determine the problem and see if I could fix it.

Turns out the sight glass on the new compressor had a leak and the oil leaked out.  I didn't bring any tools with me not knowing exactly what to bring.

So I determined the problem and went on my way to see a friend who builds rice mills and grain handling equipment.  He was the first guy over here in the Philippines I met who was passionate about making stuff and he had a lot more experience, skills and equipment than I did.

We eventually ended up sharing shop space for about a year, before his business grew and he took over my space lease, so as I could move my shop closer to home and get better electric service.  

We had a very difficult time with the shoddy electric service at that location.  There was one machine shop, his shop with numerous punches, welders, and other sheet metal tools running.  My CNC plasma cutter, and a car wash all sharing one residential meter with the landlord having sub meters for the tenants.

Anyways, so I was at his shop, and he finally was 95% decided on getting a CNC plasma table of his own.  He was working on a large bid that day for a US style grain elevator facility and he was going to need the CNC plasma if he was to be able to fill the order in any reasonable cost and time.

The next day I stopped over after fixing the wifes air compressor, and got the go ahead along with money for parts.

I then proceeded to start getting parts to put it together.

Now in the Philippines, I used to have a car, actually several of them.  However the last year I have been a pedestrian.  Mostly cause I sold the last car to fund the business and because I really really hate driving here, and finding parking in Manila is impossible in many places.  So I use public transportation especially when going downtown on the train. 20 min vs 3-4 hours driving.  

So yesterday, my travel adventure started with a shuttle van to the highway, a trike to the clinic, a jeep to my buddies shop, a taxi to pick up a set of Mach3 electronics and steppers, a jeep to the train station, a train ride, a walk of about a mile while carrying bout 30 pounds of parts in my backpack.

I then visited my nut and bolt shop, my plastic supplier, and my bearing guy.  I added on another 10 pounds of stuff including a one meter length of 1 inch delrin rod. (yeah I know one inch rod sold in meter lengths)

I walked back to the train station and had to climb 3 very tall flights of stairs that are really broken escalators that have not worked since I have been here.  Took the train and discovered about 1000 or more people mobbing the street waiting for a jeep or shuttle van.  

After 10 min of observing this, I grabbed a shuttle van that headed in the direction of my home, but only about 2 more miles up the road.  

Upon arriving there, I got a over priced taxi to take me the last distance to my home.

That bag I think grew some weight along the way as I was barely able to carry it by the end of the night.

Today being Saturday, I am taking the boy with me to my buddies machine shop to machine rollers for the linear guides from yesterday's delrin rod and bearing purchase.

I also picked up a digital calipers for my friend as his guy is using non digital, non dial calipers on the lathe right now.  

My son being in his second year Aeronautic Engineering course at the ripe age of 17 needs to learn this kind of stuff cause he sure won't learn it in school.

Anyways, I will be posting updates of this project and some pics of my latest CNC router I have been working on over the last week whenever  get some time.  Probably tomorrow as I expect to come home exhausted tonight.

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