Monday, October 26, 2015

Re: Jedbergh and Assorted Groups

Reading thru the commentary I can not help but notice the similarity in gear, weapons and training between the 3% groups and the groups below.

The ideology is polar opposite, but tactics, weapons etc are pretty much the same.

When the festivities kick off however I do not expect the World Bank to be out giving aid and comfort to the 3% as they do to the Moros.  (I have personal first hand info and know people who were paid to help their logistics)

The commentary by SFC Steven M Barry USA RET is interesting as it is the mindset of the establishment warrior.  That warrior who has only fought a war with the comfort of medevac availability, logistics, extended training, a salary, health benefits, and other assorted goodies.

When I went to Iraq I thought of the war as being fought with training wheels.  That is the troops had no idea how to get down and dirty and difficulties groking the other side mentality.  Cultural issues, language, political correctness etc.

I myself was quite insulated from things until I changed employers, and my situation was where I had to procure food on my own, live in a apartment in Kuwait, and run up and down the road in a convoy as the only American in the whole group.  Security being provided by a crew led by a South African and a ragtag band of westernized Iraqi mercs.

The thing is, the Moros only got a couple thousand actual fighters and they have tied up 1/4 of a country with a population of 90 million.  The Moros are dumb and ignorant, but they are clever.  Cleverness has prevailed in the Philippines.

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