Sunday, October 11, 2015

Photos of Prototype CNC Mill

Photos of a CNC Mill.

Been working on this little project last few weeks.  I see the cheap plywood mill to make a better machine frm 12mm acrylic (plexiglass)

It's really strong stuff and machines easily .  I have started to prototype in acrylic as it is quite cheap vs metal.  1x2feet 12mm thick os around 15 dollars.  

I made a lot of prototype parts for this testing and getting dimensions right.  I did 3d modeling also bit sometimes the real world isn't the same.

I assembled it and noticed right away it was more quiet than the other machine.  The polyethlyene spindle mount absorbed some of the vibration vs the U bolts on the other machine.

Here is the photos

I did a first yet cut 15mm circle inside a 25mm square.

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