Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New mill

Here is a low cost mill I designed for the third world market.

Starting price is $350 for a knockdown kit.  It ships partly assembled to fit in a smaller box to save shipping costs. Runs on GRBL

Has a 440 220v watt trim router vs the Chinese 200 watt dc spindles and can take a 1/4 inch but not the 1/8 on the cheep china at this price point.

First test cut. 15mm circle in a 25mm square.

For the record that is .0003 inces off.   

Not too bad for a thread rod drive machine.

Frame is extruded aluminum with machined half inch acrylic parts.

The thick acrylic is much stiffer than delrin and cost was a consideration.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I know some smart, hard-working kids in Laos who could do some awesome stuff with this.

admin said...

Pm me, I can ship a couple at cost there if u want...