Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Food For Thought

“Those were good years, but as we know—from stories and from life—the good years never last long.”

Excerpt From: King, Stephen. “The Wind Through the Keyhole.” Scribner. iBooks. 
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I have had my good years and bad years.  

Most notable for me was 1992. 2002, 2009 and 2014.  At present I have hit a low, plateaued the low and am presently on the upward swing again.

I have chased the boom towns, and made money doing it.  When I was in the middle of my first boom, I thought it would never end.  

The second one, I knew it would end, but I spent a lot of it anyways.

My last boom, I paid off my mortgage, and positioned myself to weather the next low. 

 The 2014 low was bad.  I had my electricity turned off for 4 months.  My car fell apart, and at times was reduced to only eating from the garden.  Let me tell you eating rice with coconut meat fried with soy sauce, is a recipe for some intestinal discomfort.  However my home is paid for, no landlord to evict me.  I got some solar power now so even if the shore power is off, I still got the basics of life.

Since then things have ticked upward.  Sales are becoming more regular, and grocery shopping is not a scary adventure.    

However no matter what happens, I still keep my tools, and my wits, and my skills to earn a living.

The coming American festivities/ww3 will be rough.  

Many of you here reading this will not survive it.  

Hell I may not either.  

However I am on the right side. 

Win or lose.

To those of you on the collectivist thieving politician class side reading this blog I have this for you:

Fuck you.  I will gladly set myself on fire before giving you the satisfaction of beating me. 

If you perchance to imprison me before I get the chance to do that, I will gladly make you spend your resources guarding, feeding and housing me and make it as expensive as I can for you to do so. I will cost you much more than you cost me. 

I'm ready... Are you?

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Anonymous said...

Exciting times!

Washington Irving wrote The Great Mississippi Bubble in 1820.

Every now and then the world is visited by one of these delusive seasons, when “the credit system,” as it is called, expands to full luxuriance, everybody trusts everybody; a bad debt is a thing unheard of; the broad way to certain and sudden wealth lies plain and open; and men are tempted to dash forward boldly, from the facility of borrowing….Every one now talks in thousands; nothing is heard but gigantic operations in trade; great purchases and sales of real property, and immense sums made at every transfer….Speculation is the romance of trade, and casts contempt upon all its sober realities….a panic succeeds, and the whole superstructure, built upon credit and reared by speculation, crumbles to the ground, leaving scarce a wreck behind: ‘It is such stuff as dreams are made of.’