Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mill Comments for Dan

Saw this response this morning:
I will address these points line by line cause I will not let this libel go unanswered.

1.  I do not use slave labor.  Nor do I use sweat shops.  Sweat shops do not hire skilled engineers to run CNC machines and pay them 20-30K USD a year.

2.  My bearings, linear guides come from Japan and Taiwan.  My electronics boards are made in Italy.  My power supplies come from Taiwan.  Everything else is made in the Philippines on US made Haas, Japanese CNC machines, Spanish Kondia mills and Bridgeport mills.  

3 Since you have not been paying attention to the news, The Philippines is not having good relations with China right now.  As such there is opportunity to make and sell machinery to the growing, rapidly modernizing industrial base. 

4.  99% of my sales go to Asia.  Why should ship stuff to Asia from literally half way around the world?

5. Dan: Stop bitching.  Put something on your sore pussy and do it your damn self instead of being a whinny little cunt. 


Graybeard said...

If I may add, the electronics industry in the US is exceptionally healthy. We export to China. The only thing they make in China that we don't make in the US is cheap consumer electronics. That's easy stuff to make; get a design 90% working and turn on the production line. We make hard stuff.

I've been in the US electronics industry for almost 40 years. The only constant has been people telling me the industry doesn't exist.

Rob said...

Lol, so many people don't realize that their 'American made' goods are made of materials and components (if not completely built) overseas. Even 'American' brands like Snap-Off have foreign lines assembling their tools. And don't get me started on 'American' cars like the big three.

Give DanIII (i assume thats a III% patriot III?) all he deserves for being willfully ignorant.

I design, assemble, and build custom ignition systems here in the US. Guess what? No one wants to pay what it costs for me to hand wind a high performance coil when they can go and buy 4 or 5 imports for the same money. I do 'American Made' and would starve to death without another 'real' job to pay the bills.

admin said...

I agree. I took a tour of IMI Electronics in the Philippines last year.

They have substantial manufacturing in the US and Europe.

My goal is a China price beater with this thing. Low Cost is hard to do, but it is doable.

My other goal is to build this without using China parts sourcing. So far I can get everything non China and at a good cost except the driver chips and power supply.

There is a strong possibility of war between China and the Philippines. Due to that, the Philippine customs people have been harassing anyone with China imports.

If war was to break out, there will be a very strong need for war material manufacturing.

In the meantime, there are no local manufacturers of CNC routers or low cost entry level machines like my goal here. If I could get this down to the cost of a couple hundred bucks for a CNC router, I could fill up a van and send a salesman all over the country selling these to sign shops and sell hundreds of units easily.

admin said...

I might add that Americans should get out more. Take a trip to Hong Kong, Macau, and Shenzhen to get their eyes opened up.

Visit Manila, Dubai, Bangkok, Bahrain, etc. Get a feel for what it really is like there.

I read voraciously, however I was totally caught by surprise when I landed in Dubai my first time. I was expecting Yuma Arizona, not what I saw.

Manila my first trip, it was about what I expected. Asian Mexico. However now, 11 years later it does not even look like the same place. Had coffee up the street Tuesday from the first hotel I stayed at here. Was not even the same neighborhood now. Would not look out of place if you transplanted that entire area to the US.

When I went to China, I was absolutely astounded. It was as if they totally transplanted Phoenix Arizona or Houston to China and added in Chinese language signs. Same style roads, signs, buildings, models of cars, clothes.

Reg T said...

Logic hasn't been taught in our schools for many, many years now. The high school I graduated from back in '67 taught a course called "Critical Analysis", and part of it was walking us through all of the possible logical fallacies, such as you listed. It is refreshing to see that there are people of more recent generations who understand how important logic and reasoning are to intelligent discourse.

Too bad it is so rare these days. Liberals would feel awfully lonely if more of our populace were capable of utilizing logic when thinking, especially before they stepped into the voting booth. Unfortunately, as you have demonstrated, Admin, even some of us conservatives have difficulties along those lines.