Sunday, September 13, 2015

People Repellant

BBC has reported on a foul smelling substance called skunk water

Police departments in the United States are reported to have bought a foul-smelling liquid developed in Israel to repel protesters. What is "skunk" and how is it used, asks Yolande Knell.
It is a truly putrid stench. Palestinians who have been sprayed describe it as "worse than raw sewage" and "like a mixture of excrement, noxious gas and a decomposing donkey".

Interesting stuff and it's effects.

However there is a off the shelf substance that has the same effect and available in the US.
It is called Bee Go.  It is used by beekeepers as a bee repellent to remove bees from bee hives to harvest honey.  It is applied to a pad on a beehive lid.  Usually just a rag stapled to the inside of the lid.  A bit is applied via a squeeze bottle and it lasts for hours in its intended purpose
For Humans though, that smell is noticeable for days. 

As to health hazards, It is caustic.  I was never stupid enough to get it on me.  However I heard one report of a child spraying it on a cat.  The cat was washed off with water, however all the cats hair fell out.

From product reviews:

Disgusting product
I bought two bottles of this by mistake. Used one once. I found the smell so disgusting that I took the board off of the hive early as there is no way that it wont impact the taste of your honey. A big mistake and now I have two bottles !!
Say NO to Bee-Go!
After using this stuff I mistakenly put the fume board in the back of my SUV for 5 minutes. I did wrap it in a plastic bag, but apparently I didnt seal it completely. Its been two weeks and the terrible odor has not completely left my vehicle. Ill never use this stuff again! It does work at moving the bees out of a super, especially if it is a 70 or higher degree day, but youd better store the fume board in an open pickup truck!!
- John Alexander, GA
Bee Go
Be careful not to spill this stuff on paint. I was driving back to the barn and my bottle spilled in my wagon. Just 5 mins of contact with paint stripped it to the metal.
Used it once... not again
This stuff works as advertised, but it is nasty. The odor is incredibly strong and very persistent. If the smell of sour milk vomit offends you, then pick another fumigant. I used this product once and took the remainder to household hazardous waste recycling. My opinion is this stuff is too powerful and too nearly toxic to use around food. Read about the main ingredient Butyric anhydride on-line and decide for yourself.

You can buy it from Dadant Beekeeping supplies.  Can not be air shipped.

One of these bottles will make a building uninhabitable for a long while.


Phil said...

Heh heh heh heh heh....


Did you know that the fresh air intake on most vehicles is just below the windshield on the passenger side?

lineman said...

A long time ago in another land one of my fellow students put this on the air intake of a teachers vehicle... It put the teacher in the hospital and the vehicle had to be salvaged... Let's just say this stuff works...

Anonymous said...


So what you are saying, is that if I went to my local masque & applied a liberal amount to said area on a car, I may be entertained by the crazy driving habits of these people!!??!! Worth a try, anyways!!...qazycat

Skinny Pete said...

Material Data Safety Data for Butyric Anhydride

Nasty stuff, to say the least.

Play nice now, Phil. Heh heh heh... :-)

DogMan said...

Where is the fresh air intake on an MRAP? Can a gas mask stop the smell or do I need an SCBA with a a bottle?

drjim said...

This produces Butyric Acid upon contact with the moisture in the air.

Butyric Acid is the primary component that gives human vomit it's distinctive smell.

This stuff would be really bad news if dumped into the HVAC system of a large office building.

Just sayin'.........