Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dumbest Thing I Have Read All Year

Got a little project involving some metal.

So I am brushing up on my research and came across a guy on forum flat out state that one should not prepare their body armor a certain way cause it might start to fail after 10 hits or so.

To that I say:  WOW!!

I been in combat.  More than once.  Scary stuff.

However it seems to me that if one gets hit 10 times and it is only the plate, they must be the luckiest SOB in the world, cause one freaking hit or possibly 2 with a full auto weapon on the plate is luck.  I just can't imagine a scenario where someone in combat gets 10 or even 5 times just on the plate and isn't put put of action cause they got other body parts not covered by Kevlar or plates also.

I sure as hell ain't John Rambo, I'm just a former scumbag truck driver who makes interesting sh*t for a living. However I do know a few things....

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Phil said...

Who is stupid enough to stand in one place long enough to get hit ten times?