Friday, August 28, 2015

The US Army Decadent $397,000 pickup truck

What a joke.  $397,000 each.  The Damn Lamborghini version of this in the 90's was 100k and the Saudis bought a bunch of them.

Added to this, the jokers will leave most behind during the next war.

Wtf, isn't a 3/4 ton farm truck good enough for you wasteful Jokers anymore?  Up armored pickup trucks we used in Iraq were 100k and better than the slow doggy armored hummer.  

They have lost their moral authority. Even the US Military has.  How can they justify this wasteful spending?  It still won't stop a shaped charge.

From Sipsey street irregulars:

A long, long way from a Jeep. So what are they going to call it, the "JILTVEE?" "Sun sets on era of the Humvee as US military announces successor."

Symbol of decades of US interventions to be replaced with vehicle more suited to urban warfare environment the US has faced in Iraq and Afghanistan.
That's from the Guardian, the lefty Brit newspaper. Here's a rather more informed article from the Wall Street Journal from yesterday:
Oshkosh Wins $6.75 Billion Job to Replace Aging Humvees.

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