Monday, August 17, 2015

First Production Photo of the Mill

Here is the production mini mill.

As shown it is $600 without electronics or a spindle plus shipping.  It is steel framed unlike the China mini mills that use extruded aluminum for the same price. 

This is a really really good deal.

If you want these in bulk quantities, I can set you up for a really good price.

Basically the whole goal of this project was a strong low cost machine that can do real work and very importantly it is NOT from China yet competes with China costs.

In other developments.

The very low cost plastic injection mold machine project is still on track.

CAD modeling is done, prototyping commences this week. 

This is a plastic injection molding machine designed to use scrap trash plastic and directly make new stuff with it. 

Basically it is a low volume production machine that fills the niche between 3D printing and high volume plastic injection molding.

Now here is the really cool part about this is the price:

$450 plus shipping. 

I will be doing a Indiegogo campaign for this one soon.

Here is also a shop pic.


Graybeard said...

How big is the work area? Could be anything, but it looks about the size of that blue book, so 8x10"? 10x12"?

Anonymous said...

I am excited to see your injection molding machine.