Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wired Magazine Obsesses About Other Peoples Money

Wired magazine came out with an article deploring the advances in tech and automation.

Is it not befitting that a magazine that purports to spread information and news about tech is abjectly taking a Luddite stance?

From Wired:

Simply put, as we getter better at automating routine tasks, the people who benefit most are those with the expertise and creativity to use these advances. And that drives income inequality: demand for highly skilled workers rises, while workers with less education and expertise fall behind

Those people in the DC, NYC, L.A., EU spheres are so concerned about the STUFF that those who do not work hard to make or who are too lazy to learn, that they completely overlook the obvious.

The tech explosion is LIBERATING to the lower classes. 

For example, in 2008 advanced manufacturing tech like 3D printers was impossible to acquire if one had little money.  Today, I can purchase a adequate 3D printer for one weeks post tax wages of a McDonalds worker in the US and 4 weeks salary of a Filipino.

Today, it is possible to build a injection mold machine from plans found on the internet and do low volume injection mold production.  A feat that required the investment of $4000 minimum (plus molds) of a very old used machine from Ebay.

Similarly a CNC milling machine has dropped down to the price of $1000USD which includes spindles, and tooling to machine aluminum and plastic.

Step up a little more one can pick up for 2500USD one can pick up a Bridgeport style mill to make just about anything in steel.

Other advanced manufacturing methods like laser engraving, laser cutting can be now done with machines that cost $380USD on Ebay.

Yet still this obsession about so called inequality.

Wealth distribution is not just a barometer of societal health. It is a critical determinant—and one influenced heavily by technology. “The exploding wealth of the very rich is only one part of the story of inequality,” explains David Rotman, editor of MIT Technology Review, in a recent essay on the topic.

This truly begs the question.  Why are these people in the press and academia consumed with envy?
Matrix of Envy


Oddly Wired Magazine has pulled the article as of this morning it is not on their site anymore.

I am not the only one who called out the logical fallacies of that particular article and Wired was caught mis-quoting the original MIT source paper.

Imagine that.  Wired Magazine a wholly owned subsidiary of Conde Nast (oligarchy) publishes propaganda.

Indeed. If I’m right about the future, technology will destroy bad old jobs faster than it creates good new ones — and this should be a good thing, a cause for celebration. Unfortunately it won’t be, because our governments move too slowly to keep up with technology. But upheaval and poverty caused by technological unemployment will be a symptom, not a problem, and it will be futile to try to address it with either Luddite idiocy or rote calls for more education.

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