Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Next Industrial Revolution and How the 3 Can Use It

Brave new world? Not really.

This is a followup to my blog post several months back about dark markets.

Recently I started searching in earnest for the real life equivalent of the daemon network as described in the Daniel Suarez book series Freedom TM and Daemon. 

What I have found aside from the dark markets are these distributed manufacturing facilities springing up all around the globe.  Little one man or 2 man shops, making bespoke items.

In the beginning I signed up to add my shop to one of these services, and was greatly disappointed.  There was no business available.  Lots of providers, no customers.

Today however I am seeing a increase in activity by these sites.  However it is still not quite to where a guy could cut the cord and work from his shop letting the network do all his sales for him.  Yet anyways.

One thing I have found is that in my area there are many service providers listed who I know for a fact no longer do 3D printing.  A 'proof of life' between the network and provider should be a requirement. 

If one signs up to be a service provider, then they should have to take an action, by logging into the website or some other action to show that they are still accepting and capable of fulfilling work.

The other thing is that bitcoin or other dark market credit is still not accepted as payment.

However as this type of manufacturing grows the way people buy and sell and use stuff will change.

The other day I was speaking with the owner of what could be called a 'job shop' in Asia.  His company does short production runs of things.  Metal fabrication, machining, firearms, and other things are made in his 100 man shop.

The owner of the company has a hobby of 3D printing and building desktop milling machines. 
The conversation turned to how soon his shop would become obsolete with the rise of small bespoke manufacturing shops. 

He speculated that he had about 10 years maximum before his type of manufacturing shop will be replaced. 

This got me to thinking exactly how I would stock a bespoke manufacturing shop starting today.

Here are the tools I would use:

  • At least one if not more 3D printers.  Something like one of my smaller machines and capable of handling polycarbonate and nylon plastics.
  • CNC milling machine.  Mini mill, one of those $1000 specials with a 1.5kw spindle.
  • Desktop plastic injection molding machine
  • A small CNC laser 40 watts power that costs $380USD on eBay
  • One small lathe
In addition I would have the usual hand tools, drill press, work bench etc.  All of this equipment could fit into a one car garage.

A shop like this would have production capability and be able to make a wide range of items.  All sent back thru the network and exchanged for dark market credits.


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Graybeard said...

Linked back from my place.

I'm in the midst of putting my custom machine shop together. The current large project is adding the CNC to my mill with the 1.5kW spindle.

The 3D printers are under active research.

admin said...

Shoot me an email. I got printers...