Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The CNC Mill Is Here!

I'll have some photos later this week of the sun and stars align of the CNC mill.

I was getting frustrated the last 2 months here at the shop.  One supplier I had such high hopes for, has fallen behind big time.  2 months and not one completed 3D printer.  A big batch sitting in the shop waiting on this guy to do his thing.

This is why I have really taken an interest in the CNC mills.  I built a couple different designs, lacking a mill in the first place, I was kind of limited to want I could laser, CNC bend and 3D print.  

Needless to say, I did build a CNC router last week from plywood.  Found a design on thingiverse, massaged the files and sent to laser.  Turned out it had to be cut on a router not a laser so it took a few days to get it done.  

 5 trips across town, and $300 later I got another CNC.  

The plywood mill.

The real mill coming on the other hand is made from water jet steel, big 16mm linear guides, and can handle a 2hp spindle. No price set for it yet, but it will be competitive with china machines, with a bump in quality.

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