Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Plastic Injection Molding With Low Startup Costs

A plastic injection molding machine is essentially a heated syringe that squeezes molten plastic into a mold.

Most of the time if you want to mass produce a item from plastic, you have to either spend a lot of cash on molds and injection molding services, or invest in 3D printing equipment. 

However what if you need something low cost and a lot of them, but you do not have a lot of cash?

What if you are in the middle of a place that is in the midst of a third world depression?

What if you are in a area that is in the midst of a civil war?

Never fear.  There are solutions. 

Many years ago a home inventor by the name of David J Gingery came up with a method of building a injection molding machine using low cost materials.  Link here

Having read the entire series of books several times.  I realized that there were large gaps in the information supplied in the instruction manual, and that the author had not considered some items to use in the construction of his machines that would have lowered costs and made easier to manufacture.

I found this article last week while looking for something else. 

It had the outline of improvements to the Gingery Design.  Other improvements I have come up with seperately.

Basically it is a syringe powered by a arbor press instead of a drill press or lever.

I dug around and for those of you in the USA, I came up with a set of parts.

Starting with the parts from Harbor Freight:

Here is another version of the Injection Mold frame made from Angle Iron.
Plastic Injection Molding Attachment for the Drill Press by Vince Gingery
Plastic Injection Molding Machine by Vince Gingery
Protolabs YouTube Channel (Great videos on injection mold design.)

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