Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kinfe Blanks

I made these awhile back for someone in the local prepper group on the CNC plasma table.

A local steel supplier has a batch of armor plate from Austria that arrived exceptionally tough. 

So tough actually they are unable to sell much of it because their customers break carbide bits on it.

I was unable to drill it with my carbide bits.

The stuff is 1/4 inch plate.  the sheet is $1000 per 4x8 plus machine time. 

The tool and die shop that did the grinding is now out of business.  (owner retired) So just custom blanks only.

I will need to do a run of at least half a sheet to make it worthwhile.  Cutting is with waterjet. 

If you want a batch of strike plates or knife blanks, let me know via the contact form

I also can get regular armor plate.

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