Friday, July 10, 2015

Do You Have the Skills To Live In the Jetsons Future?

 July 4th Drudge Report has the headline and link to this article:

A brave, new world of robots is on the rise in China







This got me to recall this from a few months ago:

 With one-day strike for $15 an hour, fast-food workers shut it down!

Notice the glee of this article.  How the backwards luddite commies celebrate that they got a bunch of people to not work for one day there by missing a days salary.  All in the hopes that they will force a company to raise wages to the insane amount of $15USD per hour.

What ever happened to solidarity with workers?  Why do these same people striking for $15 an hour appear wearing clothes made by workers earning $8 a day?

Never fear though.  

Instead of $15 per hour for over priced domestic labor with less skills and education than the average $12 a day Filipino worker.  This is on its way instead:

Goodbye Rude Waiters: World's First Automated Restaurant Opens In Germany

Wait there is more!

Fully Automated Robo-Restaurant Tested (Verdict: Delicious, Fun, No Bloody Tips)

Dead end career indeed...

Or Maybe Not?

If you got some brains and the willingness to learn new stuff.  Ya know be a creator instead of a consumer in the world.  Then YOU should be learning how to make this stuff work.  Design it yourself.

Here is an example of something you can do. 

Think of a web server on Raspberry Pi2 with a touch screen computer running free open source OS Commerce

Menu Drive

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