Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Critique of the New Torchmate CNC Table

I got this in the email this morning.  

Torchmate whom I have been a customer of; is out flogging a 'new' machine.

Except there is nothing innovative about it.  It's profile aluminum, angle brackets, standard linear guides, and a controller that hasn't much changed in the last 6 years.

They are out flogging the idea of "look ahead" firmware on the controller, but this has been on open source 3D printer firmware for years.

It has no touch screen, will not run code from a SD card, has no wifi, and you gotta supply a computer with it to run over USB.

Just not impressed.  

The Fastbot BBP controller has all of the above capabilities and costs $125.  The Torchmate controller is over $500 last time I looked.

The prices for advanced industrial automation equipment is dropping fast and improv,emits are happening at a breakneck pace.  Yet Torchmate is not keeping up.  

It is most definitely not the same company it was before Lincoln Electric bought them out.

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