Thursday, July 9, 2015

Combat: Kill Or Be Killed

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Transcript below:

You getting the idea?

You are seeing more than a halfback going for a touchdown, A southpaw going for a strike over the inside corner, a sharpshooter nailing a basket from mid-court.  You are seeing more than a cannonball serve or a neat right cross to the jaw. You are looking at the spirit of America.

This is the way we like it.Fast.  Hard hitting and clean.

Instinctively Americans love fair play.  It's built up from childhood.  Give the other guy an even break. Play the game on the level. Don't hit a man when he is down cause there is a 15 yard penalty for clipping.  The fighter who hits below the belt gets tossed out of the ring.

We like it fast and hard hitting. We like it clean.

When you step from the gridiron to no-mans land.  The rule book is buried and forgotten. Here there are no penalties except the one for losing. It's not measured in yards.  It's measured in life and death.

War is the law of the jungle. Kill or be killed.

There are no half measures, no alibi runs.  You got to twist your instincts inside out. You think you are fired out to play this game?  Because it is played to win anyway!  The goal is destruction pure and simple.

Your mind must be tuned to a new pitch.

To go after the enemy all out, no holds barred. To hurt, to cripple, to KILL.  This is WAR.  A battle not for a pot of gold or an invitation to the Rose Bowl, but for survival.

Your stock in trade is the weapon you are armed with. It is your bodyguard and your battering ram. It is your best friend.

A Tommy gun. A 105. A mortar. A Carbine. A machine gun. A BAR.

Treat it well, keep it clean use it properly. It wont let you down.

But there are other weapons. 

It is a long way from this the symbol of civilized sport in peacetime of self defense. To this.

The Bludgeon is in use today as it was thousands of years ago. You wont find it on the squared circle, but you will find it on the battlefield. Its handy in a close fight when only one of you is coming out alive.

Brass knuckles outlawed in the ring, but legitimate in war.

Sawed off shotgun.  Pride of the underworld.  Reinstated for the duration.

Blackjack.  Simple and hard hitting.

Trench knife, not a pleasant looking instrument, but effective.

A flame thrower.  Not pretty, but deadly.

Yes there are other weapons.  Your enemies use them and so will you.

You have two purposes.  One is to kill and the other is to avoid being killed.

To that end you use every weapon and method you can.

But place this in your memory.  Use the one that fits the job. With a rifle you can tattoo a German at 500 yards.

You can drill a Jap at a quarter of a mile.

This soldier gots the killer instinct which is right.  But he has forgotten that full clip in his rifle which is wrong. There is a time for the bayonet and a time for the bullet. When you got your enemy trapped in a dugout, don't rush in after him. That's what they are waiting for. Toss in a grenade and let them divide it!

Remember this: No army ever won a battle without getting its hands dirty and bloody.  You cant get a rat out of a rat hole by shooting at the hole. You storm and take the position by sheer physical force. Or you don't take it.  You will be in plenty of tight places, all of you.   Then your life depends on razor sharp reaction.
There is no time for a second guess.

Title:  How to lift the Nazi's face without improving his looks.

When your life and the lives of others depend on stealth and silence, you do what has to be done.

If you instincts say give him a decent chance, remember he wont give you one.

The rules of a lifetime whisper, you cant get a man when his back is against the wall. But you adapt to the rules, cause in war there are no rules.

Make a mistake and you're a dead mistake.

A good soldier is a live soldier, and this is a good way to stay alive.

In a rough and tumble, the password is kill. You forget the concept of clean-cut fighting. There is no such thing as clean-cut war. Sometimes the neat right cross to the jaw is alright. But there are 100 times when a neat right thumb to the eye is more dependable. This is brutal, savage, but they asked for it. We can take it and we can dish it out.

You can use feet for something else beside kicking a football.  Not pretty but practical.

A good soldier is a smart soldier.  He must know how to fight and what to fight with. 

His reflexes must be split second fast.  When they are not, this can happen.

A good soldier uses the right weapon at the right time. When he doesn't he can look bloody foolish.

A rifle can kill at a thousand yards. It doesn't take a nosedive to tell a good soldier when to take advantage of it.   This is called locking the stable door after the horse is stolen.

Its a far cry from the prize ring to a bar-room brawl. But this is what it's going to be like. Everything goes, and there is no referee. And these are the boys we are going up against. A gang of bandits. With as much sense of fair play as a scorpion. We will fight them with their own poison, bludgeons and blackjacks. Knives and daggers, fists and feet.  Bullets and bayonets. We will use the right weapons at the right time, in the right way.

We will hit them above the belt and below the belt!

We didn't ask for this war, but we know how to fight it, and win it!

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