Friday, July 10, 2015

Breaking News. Bitcoin Prices Surge on China Economic News

I cant seem to update this fast enough..  $292 now.   Have not seen these price swings in a long time.

Highest price in 7 months (Jan 7 2015)

Were is the Daemon?  Where is Matthew Sobol?
Total value of all Bitcoins in circulation is 4.17 Trillion USD as of today.

I started noticing this on the 9th of July and blogged it here

Bitcoin Price up $14.39 in last 24 hours
Based on the market graphs, It is primarily USD purchases and the bulk of active trading has been during China business hours. 

30 Day Bitcoin Price Surge

BitCoin Trading Volume Surges on the 6th of July.  Just when the China Market crash started.
Bitcoin Trading Volume entire history

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