Sunday, June 28, 2015

The American Report

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The American Report

The American Report ( is a citizens-driven news and analysis website that focuses on threats to the United States' security and sovereignty.  Special attention is given to the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies in the United States government, including Barack Hussein Obama.  In close cooperation with retired military and intelligence, we strive for timely and accurate analysis of the day's most important national and international news.
The Muslim Brotherhood is a fundamentalist Islamic organization recognized by many as the parent group of many of today’s terror organizations.  While the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is a worldwide Islamic State (aka, Caliphate), it has established influence over the highest levels of American government.
This revelation has become an indisputable fact for those who examine the evidence.
The Betrayal Papers is a six-part, research and multimedia campaign that presents this evidence.  It demonstrates the incredible influence that the Muslim Brotherhood exerts over the Obama administration, many members of Congress, and on American policy foreign and domestic.

The Betrayal Papers: Part V – Who is Barack Hussein Obama? [video]
Given his associations with domestic terrorists, ACORN, shadowy Middle Eastern financiers, Muslim Brotherhood groups, communists, Black Liberation Theology, fraud and his vow to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” should new authority to negotiate international trade agreements be given to the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama?
The video below is a narrated exploration of the men and women who shaped the life of Barack Hussein Obama.
The Betrayal Papers: Part V - Who is Barack Hussein Obama?
Betrayal Paper Part V - Who is Barack Hussein Obama? [video]
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Please visit The American Report web site for further information on The Betrayal Papers and the Qatar Awareness Campaign.

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