Saturday, June 27, 2015

Long Live the Dark Market

Now that the commie/Banker Axis is preparing to steal the remaining savings of the Greeks, Bitcoin prices surge..

The book Freedom TM, starts off every chapter as dollar to dark market credit rates.  

I am not going to call it yet.  But could this be a little hint at the fleeing of fiat money?

With Greece ready to unravel and ATM machines empty...

In the grand scheme of things though, if you bought bitcoin at $1000, you are a dumb chump.

You can rationalize to yourself 'oh it will go back up and when it passes $2000 I win'  

Sorry chump, it does not work that way.  When bitcoin is $2000, that paper will not be worth the same as it was back when you bought it at $1000.  

Your timing was way the hell off.

Update Tuesday Morning as of 0438 Greece time.   Greek bank holiday starts today.  up $7

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