Sunday, June 28, 2015

Disgusting Perverts

I have yet to meet a homosexual who did not have deep seated psychological issues.

Stop celebrating sickness.

Pride goeth before downfall.

These are the people that DC is promoting?

Look at this photo:

How are these tyrant freaks above any different than the freaks below?

Fuck Panem on the Potomac.  

If this is you below, then Fuck You and you deserve every self inflicted misery you got coming... Good and hard too.


Anonymous said...

Man! That's some disgusting shit!

admin said...

yup... Just remember who the other side is...

This is why the Soviets spent so much $$$ and sent so many agents to the US to promote this stuff.

You can thank Bill Clinton for shutting down this program. He made the calls to the heads of the groups countering this personally in Jan 1993...