Thursday, March 19, 2015

Selling our inheritance

Look at all these buildings.  Empty factories now or places for 'tourists' to visit.  They tell us that tourism which creates no value is more important than creating real things with real value.

 When I was growing up in the US, the teachers indoctrinated us with the idea that college was the only way you would be successful. Get a office job they said.

The industrial arts program in the school was very good then, yet the other staff would
denigrate learning those skills.

The attitude was "losers take shop class"

The children of people who built things, and grew food were taught that such work was beneath them. Never mind that a skilled welder with 2 years tech school can make more than a office worker, and that the welder will create more value over a career than the office worker will.

Our parents generation built John Deere tractors, their farms produced oceans of milk and mountains of food, they fished in the rivers and brought in truckloads of fish.

Now the farmers import illegal Mexicans and sell our inheritance in exchange for pleasing the gods of debt.  They tell us living beyond our means is a good thing.

The factories are staffed by selfish people demanding money for value not created. 

The things people use are made in China paid for with borrowed money from banks that create money from thin air with debt to be repaid by unborn people with no say in the matter.

The city government has allowed and promoted houses of gambling where the old ladies can waste away their children s inheritance.

The schools are now places where children judge their self worth, not by what they can create, rather how well they can get laid.

Years ago, a man popped up on the internet for a brief time.  He claimed to be from the future.  2036 to be exact.  He distilled it succinctly when he said "In the future my generation does not like yours very much" While I do not know if he really was from the future, He certainly has that correct.  Cause I really dislike my parents generation for what they have left me.

In the new America: Children go to state-controlled schools seldom learning any real skills about business or finance. And they're specifically discouraged from questioning authority or the world around them.
Instead they learn to be good little citizens and subordinate themselves to the state... to follow the rules and happily comply when government bureaucrats regulate every aspect of our lives.
This system further pushes young people to indebt themselves to the tune of $100,000 or more for a university piece of paper that will take them up to 25 YEARS of indentured servitude to pay off.
You'll then spend your entire working life toiling away in a declining economy paying increasing taxes into a system that won't be there when it comes time for you to collect.

-Simon Black