Wednesday, March 4, 2015

People in General Are Dumb

I was going thru my social media news feed today, and was a more than a little annoyed at what I saw.

A good friend posted a stupid joke and it garnered a lot of likes and comments.

I posted a quote from the Nazi history article from WSRA, and it got 4 likes and one comment.  

My post was very thought provoking and insightful.  

I have noticed this a lot lately.  

Years ago I read a article that said "With the unlimited knowledge in the world available for free on the Internet, you would think there would be a explosion of thought and invention"

Instead we have 9gag and Justin Bieber.  

Where the previous generations this dumb?  

I am not a young guy, but neither am I very old.  However I remember listening to my grandfather talk about growing up in the 1920's.  He was born in 1913, so he would have come of age somewhere around the late 1920's early 1930's.  

He was a farmer. German type.  He used to rail about the "damn dirty Irish" and the Swiss that also lived in that area.  He told me about being 13 years old and taking a neighbor girl for a romp in the cornfield for a nickel.  He talked fondly of his mule team, and of his John Deere model B.

Yet philosophically and education wise he was as smart and educated as anyone today.  I mean he had the understanding of human nature and could debate things in a logical manner.  Yet he only attended a one room school house.

He was a man who could raise his pig, slaughter it, smoke and preserve it.  A man who built a homemade sawmill for his tractor, and then used it to saw oak logs to build a barn.

Today, I see my family members occupied by some of the worst television dramas I have ever seen. Stuff that makes American Daytime soap operas high philosophy by comparison.  

It is like we are in the idiotocracy now.  

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